• Feature Shape Matching Puzzle

    Early education and enlightenment, exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination Shape recognition, play and learn Distinguish shapes, pairing cognition The outline of the bottom plate is clear Large-particle building blocks, suitable for children to grasp, anti-swallowing design 360°round and smooth without burrs Ingenious quality, food-grade silicone, babies can play with peace of mind Cute little ornaments, … Continue reading "Feature Shape Matching Puzzle"

    Aug 20,2021
  • Silicone Matryoshka Dolls

    Silicone material Can be boiled for disinfection Preschool Exploring baby’s endless imagination Exercise baby’s hand-eye coordination and color perception through interesting parent-child interaction Multifunction dolls Big belly can be a container to hold pacifiers, snacks, candies etc. Gradient color to stimulate baby’s color perception Every doll has its own shape and color Showing differences through … Continue reading "Silicone Matryoshka Dolls"

    Aug 20,2021
  • Silicone Jenga

    Training baby’s ability of using hands and brain, developing intelligence, grow up happily. SGS testing approval, give baby pure love Food grade silicone, no harmful for baby With qualified product component testing report and 3C certification Double security! Shapes recognizing touch sensation experiences Learn to distinguish colors, be familiar with up and down, and know … Continue reading "Silicone Jenga"

    Aug 13,2021
  • Infant oral care, which stage should it starts from?

    Infant oral care should start from birth, using different methods at different stages. The baby is just born before the baby teeth germinate After each feeding, give your baby a sip of water to rinse the residual substances in the mouth. When a baby is about 6 months old After the first baby tooth has … Continue reading "Infant oral care, which stage should it starts from?"

    Aug 13,2021
  • Help your baby grow up to a new stage

    During the transitional period of baby brushing, use a silicone toothbrush, which are both a gum and a toothbrush. It is safe and soft, allowing babies to develop the habit of brushing their teeth. Anti-jamming safety baffle, refuse to accidentally swipe with confidence The humanized baffle design prevents the entrance of the baby from being … Continue reading "Help your baby grow up to a new stage"

    Aug 07,2021
  • A good partner for a beach trip, help babies opens their brains

    Summer is here, let your baby play in the sand and feel the fun of playing in the sand! Why babies love to play with sand Sand is also a solid and a fluid, and its flowing form is changeable, giving the baby a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Beach toys don’t … Continue reading "A good partner for a beach trip, help babies opens their brains"

    Aug 06,2021