• Soothing Training Teether

    A molar partner for a 3-month-old baby, massage the gums to relieve the baby’s gum discomfort. Deciduous teeth germination Discomfort in your baby’s gums The baby is about 6 months old and begins to enter a long teething period It’s always exciting to have the first baby tooth Baby in the budding stage, accompanied by … Continue reading "Soothing Training Teether"

    Sep 30,2021
  • Anti-Retching Massage Teether

    Focus on molar teeth to solve the problem of itching during teething. Ring structure to prevent retching Ring structure, safer, bite at any angle The entrance depth is the same, avoid retching and throat poki Solving pain and itching, teeth grinding is the key Designed specifically for teething, before and after teething Staged massage, different … Continue reading "Anti-Retching Massage Teether"

    Sep 30,2021
  • Clean the mouth and relieve the pain and itching of gums

    Food grade silicone BPA free Safely relieve teething discomfort Silicone Coarse Soft Brush Head Cleaner more thoroughly The head has elastic raised bristles. Oral care for young children cannot be ignored The growth pattern of baby’s deciduous teeth Banana baby milk toothbrush cares for the growth of small deciduous teeth Four-stage oral care method Support … Continue reading "Clean the mouth and relieve the pain and itching of gums"

    Sep 30,2021
  • The banana teether that babies love to bite

    The cute banana shape makes babies love it. Soft and elastic Meet the discomfort of teething The whole body is designed with multiple biting points, and the flexible silicone texture massages the gums from multiple angles to relieve teething discomfort, and the baby does not cry. It’s both gutta-percha and a toothbrush The head of … Continue reading "The banana teether that babies love to bite"

    Sep 30,2021
  • Fun Rainbow Silicone Jenga

    Training baby’s ability of using hands and brain, developing intelligence, grow up happily. Strict inspection and testing The love for the baby is not miserable Food grade silicone, no harmful for baby With qualified product component testing report and 3C certification Double security! Shapes recognizing Touch sensation experiences Learn to distinguish colors, be familiar with … Continue reading "Fun Rainbow Silicone Jenga"

    Sep 30,2021
  • Push-and-Push Fruit and Vegetable Feeder

    Gather nutrition, bite out fresh The self-developed new airbag cycle promotes fruit bite and bite pleasure Press the little bunny lightly to recycle the fruit Bunny ears can be used as a pacifier and toy Food-grade silicone, BPA-free, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, babies can bite at ease Holes evenly to prevent choking 2mm opening … Continue reading "Push-and-Push Fruit and Vegetable Feeder"

    Sep 30,2021
  • What is the MOQ of the silicone product?

    Our main products cover are silicone bibs / plates / bowls / baby teethers / pacifiers, silicone bowl set with spoon and fork / pop fidget toys /sports rings and all kinds of silicone products we produced. • 100% baby-safe: BPA-free food grade silicone • Lightweight with soft edges • Compact and portable: perfect for … Continue reading "What is the MOQ of the silicone product?"

    Sep 24,2021
  • What is silicone?

    Silicone have become more popular in recent years and are marketed as safe replacements for traditional plastics. You can find many product made of this kind of material, such as baby products (bottles/nipples/ utensils/toys/mugs/tableware, etc.), kitchenware, food containers, cosmetics ,outdoor products, various personal care products, industrial goods and so on. But how they come to … Continue reading "What is silicone?"

    Sep 16,2021
  • Welcome to the Legenday baby family!

    Your Must Have Food Grade Silicone Bibs! Feeding time is always messy and leaves stains on your baby’s clothes. As a parent, you’d love to let your toddler learn to eat by themselves without creating a mess, but we all know that’s almost impossible. So here comes the Food Grade Silicone Bibs, with silicone Bibs, … Continue reading "Welcome to the Legenday baby family!"

    Sep 09,2021