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A good food supplement artifact for infants and young children

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In the process of adding complementary food to the baby,
Useful food supplement tools can increase your baby’s appetite,
It can also make mothers do more with less.

Three-in-one dinner plate with straws
Partition design, 3 grid platter, meat and vegetable collocation
Meet your baby’s growth needs
Nutritionally balanced, no odor

Suction Cup

It is almost impossible for a baby to overturn the bowl with bare hands, and the drop-down design in the bowl is very suitable for a doll that learns to eat independently, as long as it does not use a lot of effort, it will not scoop food. And the whole bowl is resistant to high temperature, can be sterilized by high temperature, and heated by microwave.

All silicone food supplement spoon

Its thick spoon handle is designed to help babies grasp, and a spoonful is just right for a child to swallow in one mouthful. The silicone material is not easy to hurt the child even if an adult feeds it.
It’s bite resistant, and the material is softer, so it won’t hurt your baby.

Baby silicone food supplement set

The color of the combination suit will be more uniform, nice style.
If you don’t know how to match, you can contact us and we can have better suggestions for you.

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Certificate and Delivery

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