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Are you still worried that the price is too high to make a good order?

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We have the latest news of raw material price. We are glad to tell you that the price of raw material in China market has decreased and tend to be stable at present. It will be Chinese Spring Festival soon, and the price may rise again.
Many hesitant customers have placed orders, you will buy satisfactory products at affordable prices, and we can complete delivery before the Spring Festival.
In addition, because of the large number of orders, we will deliver the goods in order of order.
If you don’t place the order as soon as possible, your order may be placed at a later position, and you may not be able to catch the delivery date.

Silicone Products manufacturer with over 20 years experiences and design, & develop for customer from around the world.
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1. Silicone Feeding Products
Silicone Baby Pacifier
Silicone Bibs
Silicone Plate
Silicone Spoon
Silicone Bowl
Silicone Nipple
Silicone Feeding Bottle With Spoon
2. Silicone Toys
Fruit Teether
Hand-Bell Teether
Animal Teether
3D Teether
Baby Teething Toothbrush

3. Silicone Feeding Set Series

4.Other Silicone Products
Silicone Bottle Brush
Silicone Nasal Aspirator
Silicone Hiccup
Silicone Drawing Placemat
Silicone Straw Cups
Silicone Beach Toys
Silicone Baby Snack Cup
Silicone Baby Bath Brush
Silicone Baby Shower Cap

Orders are surging…
Customers in need can order as soon as possible.
We will deliver the goods before the Chinese Spring Festival to protect your interests.

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