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Baby learns to eat independently.

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Legenday-silicone bowl is specially designed for babies to learn to eat. It is anti-falling and anti-overturning, and the baby eats independently, allowing mothers to worry and trouble-free.

Choose the right tableware; it’s easy to use whatever you want.

The baby eats irregularly and moves unskilled
Always knocking over the plate and getting the food everywhere

Fall resistant and bite resistant
The materials are thick and the adults are also constantly pulling.
High-density silicone, soft and durable, stretchable without deformation, without fear of falling and biting.

Big bowl eaves design
Easily learn to eat independently

Babies don’t know how to use a spoon and can’t catch them. The silicone bowl is designed with a circular arc. When scooping food, the baby can naturally drop the food into the spoon along the brim of the hat from bottom to top. Eating easily and autonomously

Anti-turning, anti-skid, strong adsorption

The large suction cup design at the bottom of the silicone bowl fits closely with the countertop, so babies will never be afraid of knocking over when they eat.

One-piece molding, clean without hiding dead corners

The silicone bowl is integrally formed, and the inner wall is round and smooth and easy to clean. The 250ml capacity is also more suitable for babies.

Can be sterilized by high temperature heating

The silicone bowl can resist a high temperature of 220 ℃ and can be placed in a microwave oven, dishwasher top and high temperature sterilization.
It can also be stored in the refrigerator.

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Integrated production line

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