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Summer is coming! Many parents would like to take babies to the beach. Every kid likes to play with sand and water, and beach toys are indispensable tools for building houses and castles with sand. Children can make many shapes and build various sand castles by the sea, which can exercise various abilities while playing. One set of Food Grade Silicone Outdoor sand toys can be played from 18 months to 6 or 7 years old. Food Grade Silicone Castle Mold Set Digging Shovel Sand Bucket (outdoor sand toys)

What are the benefits of beach toys for children?

It can give the baby a good exercise and infinite imagination and creativity. Kids can not only exercise the hand coordination, but also the hand eye coordination and brain rotation while playing the beach toys. In addition, the practice of these fine movements lays a foundation for the formation of self-care ability, such as taking spoons and cups.

Beach toy set: a set of a bucket, a shovel, various marine animal molds, and water bottles to meet children’s multiple needs.

The small bucket is still very suitable for kid to fill sand or carry water.

The selection of beach toys must be based on safe and healthy material. Silicone is the most suitable toy material for babies and children.

It is made from silicone, which has no stimulation to human skin or respiratory system. It also has the unique performance of rain proof, fire resistance and antistatic, easy cleaning. BPA Free, wear-resistant with smooth surface, arc-shaped corners to touch without burrs, and no need to worry about scratching the baby’s hands.

Moreover, it can resist the high temperature in summer and is not easy to age, deform and crack. One set can be played for several years. It is high performance cost ratio.

Kid can exercise the perception ability by touching the sand with different dry and wet, various thickness and water with different temperature. Kid can also develop the large and small muscle groups through sand digging, sand shoveling, water bailing, water pouring and other sports. Digging sand pits and building castles can cultivate his imagination and creativity. Animal molds can help kid knows about animals and improve their memory.

Let’s take the beach toys and enjoy the happy beach time together with baby.

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