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BPA Free Mother Protection Food Grade Silicone Nipple Shield Simple Breast Feeding

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Some nursing mothers will experience nipple pain or nipple inflammation when feeding, which not only affects the mother’s mood when feeding and affects the baby’s eating.
Mothers can choose to use nipple protection, when feeding the baby, you can cover the nipple protection.

Use it while breastfeeding, and it will prevent the baby from biting the mother’s nipples. Nipple protective cover is made of silicone material, nursing mothers can safely feed.

Reductive milk design
Giving your baby the real experience of breast milk is easier to accept.
Simulation softness Real milk sensation
Simulated breast plump radian
Simulation areola design

Double layer protection
Bite-proof pain-free
Inner protective cover wraps nipples, inner and outer double protection, baby sucking without pain.

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