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Chocolate brownie, also known as chocolate brownie cake, walnut brownie cake or Boston Brownie – lovely chocolate cake. It is said that an old lady forgot to put butter when making chocolate cake. When the old lady tasted the cake that was supposed to be thrown away, but it was unexpectedly delicious. Now the brownie cake has become the most representative cake in American families.

There are many kinds of recipes that look very similar, but they don’t taste exactly the same. This recipe has a strong flavor and moist inside. It’s perfect. I like it very much.


Butter 110g
Dark chocolate 140g
Instant black coffee powder 1g
3 Egg
White sugar 120g
Plain flour 100g
Salt 3g
Cocoa powder 5g


1. Put small pieces of butter + dark chocolate + coffee powder in a large bowl.

2. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute to melt the butter and use as Silicone Eggbeater to continue stirring until fully mixed.

3. Egg + sugar, mix well.

4. Mix flour + salt + Cocoa powder evenly.

5. Pour the mixture of egg liquid and powder into the butter chocolate liquid.

6. Use a Non-Stick Silicone Spatulas to mix well until there is no dry powder. Do not stir in a circle.

7. Pour into the silicone mold and put it into the preheated 350f (175 ℃) oven for 20 minutes.

8. After taking it out, place it in warm time and cut it into pieces.

The delicious Brownie has a thin layer of dry skin on the outside and moist and soft inside.


1. Sugar also increases humidity in baking. It is not recommended that you reduce sugar to less than 100g when making. If you reduce too much, Brownie will have no beautiful crispy and moist taste.

2. Although the instant black coffee powder in the square is only 1g, it can better set off the taste of chocolate.

3. 10g sugar can be appropriately reduced, if you use sweet chocolate or milk chocolate.

4. Pay attention to the temperature when melting chocolate and butter. The butter will separate to oil and water under too high temperature.

5. Don’t stir the batter too much to avoid mixing too much air. There will be bubbles in the baked Brownie cut, and it will be dry and hard. Therefore, there is no need for an electric mixer. One silicone egg pumping (stirring eggs) + silicone scraper (stirring flour) is enough.

6. The most important point: baking time. You’ll be surprised that Brownie changes from wet to dry in a minute. The standard to judge the baking is: insert the toothpick and pull it out. it is well baked if there is a little chocolate cake residue on the toothpick. It is recommended to try with a toothpick every 18-19 minutes.

7. The baking time will be different with different molds. You can use the above method to test the extent.

8. You can add chopped nuts to brownie, such as walnuts or hazelnuts.

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