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Cooked or Raw to Freeze the Baby’s Supplementary Food

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Many parents will prepare the baby’s food for several meals at a time and store it separately in refrigeration, so that the baby can eat it for several days.Of course, it is the best to make and eat the baby’s supplementary food at once.You can also freeze it if you don’t have time to do it.Frozen storage can preserve them to the best extent and avoid wasting when the ingredients are fresh.

Cooked refers to all kinds of prepared supplementary food, including all kinds of food, porridge, soup, bread, steamed cake, vegetable and fruit puree, meat puree.
Whether it is preserved raw or cooked depends on the impact on the taste of food and the convenience of reprocessing. Food grade silicone kitchen ware baking mold SUPPLEMENTARY FOOD mold Storage Container and Freezer Tray

Cooked before freeze

The preservation of and meat puree, porridge and soup are mainly for the convenience of taking it next time, especially soup which is a little time-consuming to make.Therefore, soup and meat puree are mainly cooked before freeze. It’s convenient to eat next time.

Bread, cake and the other baked goods, cooked then frozen.

Raw to freeze

Vegetable and Fruit puree can be frozen directly. Note that tropical fruits such as mangoes and bananas are not suitable to be put in the refrigerator. It is recommended to eat as soon as possible.


• Note that all the above storage methods should not be thawed repeatedly. The food that has been eaten cannot be put into the refrigerator.

• The mold for frozen food shall be non-toxic, BPA FREE, harmless, low temperature and high resistant and easy to demould. Silicone molds are the best compared with the other material of molds.

• Pay attention to the utensils containing which must be high-temperature resistant for using microwave and boiled water.

• The freezing time of each food material is different. The longer the freezing time, the more nutrient will lost.It is recommended to freeze the food for no more than 7 days.

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