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Rice cake without baking powder and oven free! Replacing baking powder with healthy yeast.


Rice 200g
Milk 160g
Plain flour 25g
Yeast 2g
White granulated sugar 25g
Strawberry powder 10g
Raisins at will
Cranberry at will


1. Soak the rice for 2 hours, drain the water, put it into the wall breaker, add milk and beat until smooth.

2. Pour the beaten paste into the basin, add 25g medium gluten flour, 2G yeast and 25g white granulated sugar, and mix well.

3. Cover and ferment for about 2 hours. After fermentation, use a silicone pastry basting brush to stir first to let the batter vent.

4. Divide the batter into half, add 10g strawberry powder, mix well.

5. Put the raisins or cranberries on the bottom of the food grade BPA free bakeware 6 cavity donut mold, and fill two portions of batter into the mold for 8 minutes.

6. Continue to ferment for about 20 minutes until the batter fills the mold.

7. Steam in the pot for 15-20min, cool thoroughly after steaming, and then demould!

8. There is a groove in the middle of the millet cake. The shape is a bit like a doughnut. With a gentle pinch, it immediately rebounds.

9. It tastes tough outside and soft inside. Thick rice fragrance takes the lead in occupying the mouth.

10. Cranberries and raisins are saturated with water, and the pulp is moist, sour and sweet, which is very appetizing.


1. The soaking time of rice is the time of this amount of rice. If you want to increase the weight, you should increase the soaking time, subject to the condition that the rice is white and can be easily crushed.
2. Silicone mold is the best choice. It is non-toxic and harmless at high temperature and easy to demould.
3. Strawberry powder can be replaced with other seasoning powder you like.

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