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Difficult to feed your baby fresh fruits and vegetables?

2021-07-17 Page view : 73 views

How to do for babies to absorb natural nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables without the danger of suffocation?
Legenday shows you the perfect solution for fruit feeders and teething toys!

Best feature
• Improved locking mechanism, with a child-proof lock
• The steering function allows parents or babies to customize the position of fruits and vegetables for safer teething
• Easy to clean. Different design of baby fruit feeders, the central parts of natural and baby fruit feeders can be easily disassembled and cleaned, and will not leave corners that inhibit the growth of bacteria
• The soft chewing nipple will not irritate the baby’s gums.

Steps for usage

1. Clean the product before use, and sterilize it with steam or water for 3-5 minutes.
2. When the disinfected boiling water touches all parts, the mesh bag should be fully covered and avoid contact with high-temperature metal pots to avoid deformation.
3. Fresh fruits and cooked vegetables, frozen for consumption, meat excluding solids, fish, bones, and other hard objects are processed into blocks, bars, packed in small foods, sparse juice leads to the use of silicone filter color, which is normal.
4. It should be washed thoroughly at the end of use, drained completely, and placed in a clean and dry place.
5. It must be used under adult supervision!

The natural baby fruit feeder and teether are designed in candy colors to stimulate the baby’s appetite for natural nutrients in fruits and vegetables. This is also a safe way to let our children eat solid foods during the weaning and teething stages. The pacifier can also relieve the baby’s teething discomfort by chewing and massaging the gums.

As parents, we understand our children bring to us happiness. These priceless moments cannot be replaced or exchanged by anything else! When our family began to grow, we also understood how precious time became and how important simplicity is. During the growth of our own family, we learned that time is irreplaceable. When our babies and toddlers grow so fast, time cannot be missed.
When creating our product line, we always keep our motto in mind when designing each product: “Keep your parents in mind and care about your baby “. It’s very simple, but all our products stick to this point.

LegenDay adopts the latest technology and provides customized services, including shapes/sizes/colors/signs/packaging, etc., to meet your specific needs no matter what you have in mind, we will research and implement it!

With more than 10 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of silicone products, LegenDay keep develop cost-effective silicone goods, we are trying let more and more people know and use silicone products, contribute their share to protect the earth. We have supplied innumerable silicone products to clients all over the world, including Americas, England, Europe, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Asia and Africa and so on, also have good reputation among them.

We will continue to learn and improve the professional knowledge of the silicone industry, so as to provide explanations and answers to all your silicone problems, please feel free to contact us.