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Disaster Prevention While Learning to Eat

2022-04-13 Page view : 67 views

Most babies aged 2-3 start to learn eating. Baby always spill some food on their clothes. It is trouble to change and clean the baby’s clothes after every meal.

Babies can’t focus on eating and moving around, meanwhile getting food all over the table and the floor, which also makes many parents very tired.

Therefore, when teaching babies to eat, they must also do the necessary precautions. The following “disaster prevention” products are very good helpers!

1. Silicone bibs

The bib’s unique leak-proof pockets can catch food well, greatly reducing the worry of your baby getting things all over the place.

Due to the soft texture of silicone, the leak-proof pocket can well handle more food residues, including soup. In addition, compared with ordinary plastic materials, silicone materials are softer and safer, and are more convenient for folding and rubbing and cleaning.

2. Silicone spoon & fork.

It is easier for babies to feed themselves by good design of silicone spoon and fork.
Please take a note that the surface of the spoon should not be too large, generally no more than 2.5cm.The change of color and shape can make baby more interested in eating every meal.

3. Silicone bowl & plate.

In particular, the Silicone Feeding Set Suction Bowl with Fork Cup is best choice. It is very effective to avoid overturning the bowl and wasting food.

You can choose from a variety of cute cartoon bowls and plates to make children feel more fresh and interesting when they eat in order to focus on meal longer.

4. Silicone placemat.

Placing a silicone placemat directly on the baby table, chair and surrounding area to catch spilled food, this is environmentally friendly and more convenient to clean.

5. Baby high chair.

Setting the baby on the chair to prevent the baby from falling, and pay attention to choosing a chair with seat belts.

6. Baby wipes or towel.

It will be smeared everywhere on baby’s face at meals, so baby wipes or small towel is a must.

The unique comfort, flexibility and variety of silicone, soft and cute cartoon animal patterns, warm macaron color, all making the baby more focused and happier when learning to eat. Making it easier for parents to clean as well.

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