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DIY Baby’s Favorite Complementary Food Pumpkin Egg Sausage with Spinach

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Pumpkin is mainly carbohydrates, the fat content is very low, is a good low-fat food. The carotene contained in it can be absorbed by the body and converted into vitamin A, which can protect the baby’s eyes. Pumpkin is a warm food, can warm the stomach, contains pectin has a detoxifying effect, can protect the gastric mucosa, help digestion, and its rich zinc is very beneficial to promote growth and development.

Spinach is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, which can promote the baby’s nutritional balance, improve the baby’s body immunity, and enhance the ability to resist diseases. In addition, it is rich in folic acid, which is conducive to the production of normal red blood cells, prevents anemia, and helps the baby’s skin health.

Eggs contain a variety of vitamins and amino acids, the proportion is very close to the human body, easy to digest and absorb. Among them, the iron content is very rich, and the lecithin, glycerides, cholesterol and lecutin in egg yolk have a great effect on the nervous system and body development.

let us see how to DIY this delicious and nutritious complementary food for 10m+ baby.
Food grade silicone 6 Cavities Non Stick Reusable sausage mold baby complementary food DIY Cake Baking Mold with Lid.


• Steamed pumpkin 100g
• 2 eggs
• Boiled spinach leaves 10 g
• 20G flour
• Corn oil 1.5g
• Salt 0.5g

1. Peel, slice and steam pumpkin.

2. Crush the pumpkin, add eggs, corn oil and salt, and stir well.

3. Add flour and stir well.

Finally, add chopped spinach leaves and stir well.

4. Brush a little oil on the silicone mold and the cover lid.

5. Put the paste into the mold.

6. Put a lid on to prevent heat escaping.

7. Boil the water and steam for 20 minutes

8. Let it cool a little. It’s good!

Pumpkin egg sausage is decorated with spinach, which is nutritious and beautiful.
Record the delicious food of yourself and your family!

Keys:Food grade silicone 6 Cavities Non Stick Reusable sausage mold baby complementary food DIY Cake Baking Mold With Lid

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