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DIY Low Calorie Waffle

2022-06-08 Page view : 77 views

Have you ever eaten sugar free and flour free waffles? This waffle is a combination of health and delicacy. It uses oatmeal instead of flour. Bananas have their own sweetness, eggs, yogurt and all kinds of fruits and nuts. It is nutritious, low calorie and full of food, and its appearance is particularly high!

Banana 2
Egg 4
Instant oats 100g
Yogurt 50g


1.Peel and slice bananas. Add eggs and instant oatmeal.

2.First mash the bananas with a fork, and then mix all the ingredients into a paste.

3.Brush the silicone waffle plate with oil and scoop in banana oatmeal paste.

180 ℃ oven for 5 minutes and the waffles are ready.

4.Peel the kiwi fruit, slice it first, then cut it into small fans, place it on the waffles, and then sprinkle with instant oatmeal crispy.

5.In the same way as Kiwi fruit, cut out fan-shaped orange slices, place them in the middle of the waffle, and sprinkle with instant oatmeal crispy and dried fruit.

6.Squeeze yogurt (the thick one) on the diagonal half of the waffle and decorate with strawberry slices, blueberries, kiwi slices, pumpkin seeds and dried fruit.

Healthy and delicious, low calorie satiety!


1.Oats should be cooked, otherwise they may not be cooked. Because it is coarse fiber, the taste of waffles is slightly rough, but the overall feeling is soft and waxy. It tastes good with yogurt and various fruits.
2.The decoration on waffles can be added freely according to your preferences!
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