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DIY Soft Muffin Cakes Tutorial

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Muffin Cake is a common breakfast and afternoon tea. It can be matched with jam and cream. It is simple and easy to make as one of the snacks with high success rate of entry baking. No oven? No problem! Share with you a muffin cake tutorial that can be made without an oven. It’s even softer than making with an oven!Food grade BPA FREE Bakeware for Microwave/oven Muffin Cup Cake Molds Supplier

Cake flour 50g
brown sugar 40g
Egg 1
Milk 50g
baking powder 8g
Butter 15g
raisins A few


1. Mix 50g cake flour and 40g brown sugar.

2. Then add an egg and stir slightly.

3. Add 50g milk.

4. Stir evenly with a manual egg beater about 8 to 10 minutes.

5. After mixing the batter, add 8g baking powder and stir well.

6. Add 15g of butter softened in advance and stir well.

7. Stir the butter until it blends with the batter. Soften the butter in advance and you can mix it well soon.

8. Sift the batter once and filter out the insoluble brown sugar.

9. Brush a thin layer of salad oil in the mold to prevent sticking.

10. Pour the batter into the mold, about 70% full.

11. Decorate the surface with a few raisins.

12. Put it into a steamer that has been boiled over high heat and steam it over high heat for 15 minutes Do not open the cover halfway.

13. Demould.

In addition to baking powder, there is no stress on the putting order of other materials, which can be mixed well.
Paper cups are not recommended. They will get wet when steaming. Silicone molds are the best.
If there is no muffin cup, this formula can be used as a 4-inch round mold. If there is no 4-inch round mold, multiply the formula by 2 to make a 6-inch round mold.
The size of the mold will affect the actual steaming time. The larger the mold, the longer the steaming time.
It tastes best when it is hot. It should not be placed at room temperature for more than half a day. It can be stored in cold storage for three days. Steam it again before eating.

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