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Summer is coming, let us make some healthy and hygienic ice cream with kids at home. Here is a Yurt ice cream tutorial for reference.


Yogurt 350g
whipping cream 200g
Powdered sugar 20g


1. Pour powdered sugar into the cream and stir it by hand.

2. Whisk the cream at low speed with an egg beater to a textured state.

3. Pour the frozen yogurt into the light cream and stir it quickly with a silicone scraper.

4. Put a wooden stick in the food grade BPA free silicone ice cream mold.

5. Put a flower mounting bag on the cup and fill it with whipped cream.

6. Squeeze it evenly into the silicone mold.

7. Shake it gently for a few times, scrape the surface, and put it into the refrigerator for freezing.

8. Demould. The taste is also very good. It’s delicate, no ice residue and mellow.


– Yogurt can’t be changed into milk. They taste completely different. Yogurt must be thick. If it is too thin, there will be ice residue.
– Sugar powder is used because it is easier to mix and more convenient. It can also be replaced by fine granulated sugar. You can also choose sugar free.
– It is easy to demould the ice cream from the silicone mold. Try to use silicone mold instead of plastic mold. The plastic mold is too hard to break the ice cream when demoulding.

DIY ice cream at home this summer. We don’t have to go out and buy it anymore. From now on, let us say goodbye to all kinds of additives and pigments.

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