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Do you know the necessity of using teether for baby?

2021-05-14 Page view : 66 views

Baby is the heart of parents, the healthy growth of the baby is our parent wishes, and teether plays an important role.

So what are the benefits of teether?

1. Our baby will have itchy teether during baby teeth development. By sucking and chewing the teether, not only can be satisfied and security from baby psychology, but also can promote the baby’s intellectual development.

2. Teether also will exercise the baby’s tongue and lips sensibility by chewing it, thereby improve our baby’s food perception ability.

3. Teether also can alleviate the pain and itching of baby teeth development.

4. In each process of opening and closing the mouth, teether is subtly training the baby’s scientific way of closing the mouth.

It is obvious that every parent should choose a teether for their baby!!!

How to choose the suitable products for our baby quickly?
In review of problem of each process in various stages of the baby’s growth, there have various products with different effects on the market. How should we choose the right one?
Firstly, we need recognize what stage of development is your baby! Different period have different choice, this is especially important!


The most basic style! It is suitable for baby who just starts to grow teeth. The most feature of pacifier-teether is small and convenient, baby can use it easily, it can help massage of gums to stimulate the growth of baby teeth.

Kinds of cartoon teether

Suitable for baby’s teeth growth stages. It can relieve the uncomfortable of baby’s gums effectively. It also can cooperate with clip in case of teether falling to the ground, therefore avoid teether infected with viruses and bacteria. This is important for baby with weak resistance!!!

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