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Environmental Protection Tips to Protect our Earth

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Protect the environment, protect the natural ecology, make effective use of and give full play to the of natural resources, and make the earth operate normally and healthily in the universe. Low carbon life represents a healthier, more natural and safer way of life, but also a low-cost and low-cost way of life Low carbon is not only an enterprise behavior, but also a lifestyle in line with the trend of the times. Under the background of global warming, “low carbon economy” based on low energy consumption and low pollution has become a global hotspot Energy conservation and emission reduction are imperative.

What can we do to protect the environment? Here are some suggestions for reference.

1. Degradable material products replace plastic products

Silicone products are non-toxic and harmless. They can be explained after 5-10 years of use. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic lunch boxes, plastic straws, etc., which are most commonly used in daily life, can be replaced and recycled with degradable materials such as similar silicone products and paper products. Plastic products should be rejected as much as possible in life. professional and reliable food grade silicone products factory is the best choice.

2. Turn off the tap easily

Turn off the tap when you wash your hands and soap. Don’t use long running water to wash dishes and clothes with the tap on. When you see a leaking faucet, you must tighten it.

3. Water multipurpose

Try to use secondary water. For example, the water for washing rice or vegetables can water the flowers, and the water after washing your face and laundry can be left to wipe the floor and flush the toilet. More showers, water-saving and more sanitary bathing.

4. Put a bottle in the water tank of the toilet.

If your flush toilet has a large capacity, you can put a bottle full of water in the water tank. Your little action can save 1.25 liters of water at a time.

5. Use less detergent

Most detergents are chemical products that pollute water sources. When washing tableware, if it is too greasy, you can pour out the residual greasy first, and then clean it with hot noodle soup or hot soapy water, so that the oil will not be discharged into the water channel too much. Kitchen utensils with heavy oil stains can also be cleaned with soda heated water.

6.Don’t leave the TV in standby mode for a long time

Standby mode means that only remote control is used to turn off, but the power supply is not completely cut off. The standby power consumption of each color TV is about 1.2w/h.

7. Drive less

More use of buses, subways, trams and other public transport means can not only save gasoline, but also reduce the air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust emissions, but also alleviate traffic jams. Private cars should try to use unleaded gasoline because lead will seriously damage people’s health and intelligence.

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