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Essential for Breastfeeding Silicone Breast Pump

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Breast milk is the best natural food for babies and plays an irreplaceable role in their growth and development. A suitable breast pump can help mothers to keep breastfeeding easily.

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Function of breast pump

• It can stimulate mother’s mammary gland for easier breastfeeding.

• The breast pump can suck out and save the breast milk for mothers with sufficient milk and dredge the breast to prevent milk blockage and avoid mastitis at the same time.

• Using the breast pump can accurately know how much milk is sucked out and how much milk the baby has drunk, which can prevent the baby from eating too much or not enough.

• Not all babies like sucking breasts, so use a breast pump to suck out the milk and put it into a bottle for the baby to drink. It can make the baby get used to the bottle for easier weaning as well.

• Suck out the breast milk and save it, and the baby can drink breast milk at any time when the mother goes out or is inconvenient to feed.

• Easily cope with lactation reflex. When lactation is accompanied by sucking stimulation on one side, the breast on the other side will always overflow milk unconsciously.


1. The manual breast pump generates pressure through internal and external air pressure and fits on the breast. Vacuum negative pressure to make stable adsorption with lasting suction.

2. FDA standard food grade silicone, BPA and PVC free. Eco-friendly with no peculiar smell and does not affect the taste and texture of breast milk.

3. High temperature resistance for boiling, steam / ultraviolet disinfection, easy cleaning and disinfection of dryer.

4. No noise for taking care of the baby every sleep.

5. Soft and large opening to fit different chest shapes and cup. Comfortable and painless by manually adjusting the strength.

6. Special groove design for easy pouring out the breast milk to avoid wasting.

7. Light and small to carry out expediently.

8. Integrated molding without gap and assembly parts to prevent air leakage. No dead corner cleaning conveniently.

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