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Fall in Love with Bathing By Silicone Bathing Brushes this Summer

2022-06-08 Page view : 124 views

Sweating is A big worry in summer, especially when a one-year-old baby starts to play and move more. The body is sticky by the hot, stuffy, humid and sweaty weather.

Today we recommend silicone bath brushes that fit everyone in your family.
The silicone is non-toxic and harmless. It is made from silica gel, which has good chemical stability and is environmentally friendly. It is often used in products with high safety requirements such as baby pacifiers and feeding bottles, which are flexible and elastic.

There are soft silicone brushes with different thicknesses on the front and the back. Use it to scrub the body to wash every corner of your body easily.

Babies skin is delicate and some mothers have sensitive skin and have always been resistant to bath products because rubbing always causes redness of the skin when using ordinary bath towels and shower brushes. You can bath your baby without worrying about hurting their skin.
If you accidentally use it too hard, the skin will still have a burning tingling sensation. But the silicone bath brush is different. The bristles are very soft and skin-friendly with no skin pain at all. You can apply soap or body wash to your body and then rub it repeatedly.
It takes short time to form a lot of dense foam on the body. Rinsing off the lather after scrubbing and your skin will feel refreshed.

There are fewer brush heads on the other side. The brush heads on this side have a large spacing, good toughness, and are not easy to bend. You can use it to press the body and play a massage effect.

When taking a bath, you can use this side to press the shoulders, necks, arms and thighs that have been tired after your day first.

You will have a nice relieving fatigue by having this small massage while bathing.

It is also very gentle to massage the scalp when washing the hair. Sometimes the finger nails will scratch the scalp when shampooing with hands. The silicone brush will not have this trouble at all. The soft silicone is very comfortable to massage the scalp when shampooing. The hair is not easy to be tied the knots and the dense bubbles can wash every strand of hair clean and fresh.

The handle of the brush is ergonomically designed for easy grip. The bristles are not easy to fall off. The cute and cartoon shape with bright colors silicone bath brush helps your bathing time convenient and funny. Choose Food Grade Silicone Baby Shampoo Brush Head Scalp Massage Hair Brush manufacturer makes your life more convenient.

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