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Feature Shape Matching Puzzle

2021-08-20 Page view : 70 views

Early education and enlightenment, exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination

Shape recognition, play and learn
Distinguish shapes, pairing cognition

The outline of the bottom plate is clear
Large-particle building blocks, suitable for children to grasp, anti-swallowing design

360°round and smooth without burrs
Ingenious quality, food-grade silicone, babies can play with peace of mind

Cute little ornaments, quickly capture your heart
Cute little puzzles. Add a touch of vitality to the home

Food grade safe silicone material
One-piece cleaning without dead corners
It does not contain bisphenol a, polyvinyl chloride, non-toxic, lead-free and phthalates. It is safe for babies to chew and suck. The safety of your baby is our top priority, so you will not worry about harmful chemicals that will harm your child.

LegenDay adopts the latest technology and provides customized services, including shapes/sizes/colors/signs/packaging, etc., to meet your specific needs-no matter what you have in mind, we will research and implement it!

With more than 10 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of silicone products, LegenDay keep develop cost-effective silicone goods, we are trying let more and more people know and use silicone products, contribute their share to protect the earth. We have supplied innumerable silicone products to clients all over the world, including Americas, England, Europe, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Asia and Africa and so on, also have good reputation among them.

We will continue to learn and improve the professional knowledge of the silicone industry, so as to provide explanations and answers to all your silicone problems, please feel free to contact us.