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Food Grade Silicone Baby Products Factory Special Offer Discount for Midyear Sales

2022-06-17 Page view : 60 views

Our annual anniversary sales of midyear had begun! Sale from 6.15 to 6.30.

For a limited time only, we are offering a 10% discount without compromise in quality on various products:

Food Grade Silicone Baby Teether, it can massage baby gums, alleviate various discomfort in Teething period, exercise baby chewing, biting action.
Teether can soothe the baby’s impatience and increase the sense of security for the baby. We provide teethers for three months, six months and eight months.

Food Grade Pacifier Fruit Feeder. The pacifier is both a feeder and a teether. Chewable silicones designed have various textures and shapes, which can help relieve the pain of the baby’s teeth and gums and stimulate healthy tooth growth. In particular, it is also a rattle, which can promote the development of baby’s vision and touch, and encourage hand-eye coordination.

Kitchen Ware: Silicone Extra Long Kitchen Oven Mitt Heat Insulating Gloves composited form of cotton fabric and silicone. Silicone is non-toxic and tasteless, and its chemical properties are relatively stable and non-combustible. It is also one of the more suitable materials for insulating gloves. Polyester cotton has low warmth retention and heavy feeling. It is usually used as filler, so it is also very suitable for making heat insulation gloves. Generally, polyester cotton personal gloves are thickened, so they can naturally protect your hands from high temperature burns.

Bathroom Ware: Silicone Baby Bath Caps Reusable Waterproof Protection Infants Shower Cap
When parents wash their baby’s hair, it is easy to cause water to flow into the baby’s eyes, nose and ears, and the baby shampoo cap, a baby shampoo artifact, can effectively prevent this.

Waterproof Food Grade Feeding Silicone Baby Bunny Bib, Due to the soft texture of silicone, the leak-proof pocket can well handle more food residues, including soup. In addition, compared with ordinary plastic materials, silicone materials are softer and safer, and are more convenient for folding and rubbing and cleaning.

Essential For Breastfeeding, Silicone Breast Pump
The manual breast pump generates pressure through internal and external air pressure and fits on the breast. Vacuum negative pressure to make stable adsorption with lasting suction. FDA standard food grade silicone, Eco-friendly with no peculiar smell and does not affect the taste and texture of breast milk.
High temperature resistance for boiling, steam / ultraviolet disinfection, easy cleaning and disinfection of dryer.

In addition to the sale, we’re running a promotion for free samples with shipping free if you need it.
We aim to provide you with superb quality and favorable price and excellent services. Welcome new and old customers come to buy! Sincerely look forward to working with you.

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