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For babies fed by their parents, choose a food spoon with a long handle.

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For babies who can eat on their own, choose a complementary food spoon with a short handle.

The width of the spoon head should be smaller than the width of the baby’s mouth, otherwise it is easy to cause eating difficulties and swallowing is a habit.
The thickness of the handle should be great that the thumb can be buckled to the index finger and middle finger after the baby grasps it.
The depth of the spoon head should be one-half or one-third the length of the baby’s tongue. ”

Within 6 months-auxiliary phase

In principle, breast milk and formula milk are always the only source of nutrition for babies before 4 to 6 months. It is recommended to avoid feeding complementary foods to babies before this. For babies and newborns under 3 months, spoons main function is to feed water, medicine, and breastfeeding at birth to avoid nipple confusion. Because of the limited grasping ability, you don’t expect the baby to take it by yourself. Mommy recommends that you can choose a silicone with a narrower spoon for feeding. Soft spoons, too hard spoons will hurt the baby’s tender mouth and gums.

Recommendation: All silicone soft spoons

Features: The whole is made of food-grade silicone material; the spoon will not harm the baby’s tender gums, and can also act as a temporary teething during the baby’s teething period. Equipped with a long spoon handle to make feeding easier for mothers, the spoon head is small and the amount of scooping is suitable, suitable for feeding and using in the early stage of the baby’s feeding. ”

6~12 months-feeding stage

The baby’s fingers were awkward and messed up at the beginning. That’s for sure. We must have a lot of patience in the process of teaching. If we scold him, it will dampen the child’s enthusiasm for learning. This stage is mother suggested to start with finger food. For babies who don’t know how to use a spoon, finger food is a very good transition.

The general tableware learning sequence is: finger food-bowls and spoons-chopsticks.

Chopsticks have very high requirements for finger coordination. You don’t need to prematurely demand or compare them. You can wait until the baby is proficient in using bowls and spoons before training. Generally, they start learning at the age of 2-3, and most children can master it before the age of 6.

Over 12~18 months – training phase
At this stage, the baby already has the consciousness to take the initiative to grasp things. Some will learn use a spoon to scoop up the food in the bowl and put it in their mouths from their parents. In fact, the silicone spoon can still be used at this time, but the texture is too soft, and the baby’s hands are not strong enough, and it may be difficult to dig into the food. Therefore, parents choose a spoon with a slightly harder texture for their children, such as PP, which may be improved. If the handle position is designed with bumps, it is better for the baby to grasp it. The thickness and length of the spoon handle are the core key issues that determine whether the spoon is good or not. The thickness of the spoon handle should be great that the thumb can be buckled to the index and a middle finger after the baby is grasped. If the grip is too thick, the muscle fatigue of the palm will increase. At the same time, the length of the spoon handle should be greater than the length of the palm, and the material should be non-slip.

Good thing recommendation: elbow fork and spoon combination

Features: The spoon head is round and smooth, which can smoothly scoop up soup supplements

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