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Good Partner For Non – Stick Cookware

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Non-stick pans are made of non-stick material coating to achieve non-stick cooking which are not suitable for metal shovels and cannot be scraped with hard objects. It is easy to scratch the coating or surface and there is a lot of noise when cooking.

Plastic shovels cannot be used. The thermal decomposition of organic polymer materials under high oil temperature will make toxic substances and some plastic shovels will even melt and catch fire.

Now the common kitchenwares are silicone products and wooden products.
Let’s have a look at the difference between them.

• Natural material–It is mainly made of exquisite original ecological wood which does not contain harmful substances. The common material is chicken wing wood, beech, sandalwood, walnut, etc.
• Scratch prevention –It does not hurt the cookware with smooth surface
• Good stability– strong wears resistance and heat resistance.

However, wooden cooking utensils are prone to mildew and bacteria when affected with moisture. Pay attention to cleanliness and keep dry.

In addition, the front of the wooden cooking utensils is easy to turn black. You need to replace them frequently.

Wood cooking utensils will carbonize when used under continuous high temperature. There are two sources of carbonization, one is the carbonization of wood itself, and the other is the food adhered by wood shovel. Pay attention to choose one without paint or coating.

• High quality–Silicone cooking utensils are 100% FDA Food Grade and BPA free with stable chemical properties. It does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. It can be used to -40-250℃ and are non-stick friendly. It is stain and odor resistant, simply won’t discolor, warp, melt or chip.

• Scratch resistant &prevention–Non-stick hygienic silicone that allow you to stir, mix, grill, flip and fry directly in your fancy pots and pans without worry of damaging your cookware.

• Easy to use & reduced cleaning- Simply toss them in the sink or dishwasher and watch as the grease, oil and marinades easily wash right off in seconds.

• Complete cooking covers all kitchen needs – Spoonula, brush, whisk, large and small spatula, ladle, slotted turner and spoon, tongs, pasta fork, perfect for all types of foods and cooking. Fully fit the pots and pans surface to avoid noise. FDA Food grade silicone Reusable Safety NON-STICK COOKWARE Accessories Spatula UTENSILS SET

They are generally divided into two types: one is full silicone and the other is semi silicone with handles made of other materials.

Pay attention to notice whether there is food grade material certification when purchasing silicone utensils set. Check if there is peculiar smell and discoloration when wiping on white paper.

Choose cooking utensils set suitable for your cooking habits according to your needs and preferences so as to make cooking healthier and more convenient.

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