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Have an Environmentally Friendly Period

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Many sanitary napkins and tampons manufacturers have problem of material and the addition of fluorescent agents. Using tampons while sleeping is also at risk of TSS toxic shock syndrome. Although there are many brands to choose from, there are still health risks.

In addition to sanitary napkins and tampons, women can also choose menstrual cups.

Medical Grade silicone Menstrual Cup manufacturer Menstrual cup is a container made of medical grade silicone for collecting female menstrual blood. It is soft and elastic, which is conducive to being inserted into the female vagina after deformation. Its capacity is 10 ~ 38 ml. It is put into the vagina, and the outflow menstrual blood is collected in the container.


1. Save resources: generally, women have menstruation for up to 40 years. Assuming once seven days a month, 5 sanitary napkins or tampons will be replaced every day, and about 16800 sanitary napkins or tampons will be used 1 year. Compared with sanitary napkins or tampons that need to be replaced frequently, the menstrual cup has a longer service cycle and brings less garbage. The menstrual cup is emptied every 4 ~ 12 hours. The specific use time depends on the menstrual flow and the type of cup. The service life of menstrual cup can reach 5-10 years.

2. Reduce the risk of disease infection: medical grade silicone is non-toxic, harmless and smelless. It can be boiled in high temperature water and disinfected by ultraviolet light. The inert material of the menstrual cup may help maintain a healthy vaginal pH and microbiome, and the risk of infection is reduced compared with sanitary napkins and tampons.

3. Large storage capacity: menstrual cups can collect more blood than tampons and sanitary napkins, no need to change frequently. It is convenient to observe menstrual quality and prevent reproductive system diseases in advance.

4. More freedom:No matter swimming or exercising, you don’t have to worry about side leakage and hygiene. No worry about side leakage soiling the sheets when you sleep at night.


1. Fully clean hands and disinfect menstrual cups before use.

2. Fold the menstrual cup into a shape suitable for putting it into the vagina. Generally, there are six folding methods as follows.

3. Slowly put the menstrual cup into the vagina to ensure that the mouth of the menstrual cup opens after entering the vagina.

4. Take it out after use, clean and disinfect it.

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