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In 18th century, Chef Stanislaw Leszczynski was in exile in Mersey, his personal chef slipped away when he came out for dessert. At this time, a female servant baked her specialty snacks and sent them out for emergency. Unexpectedly, the snacks were very popular. And the maid’s name Madeleines was used in the name of this shell shape cake.

In a pleasant afternoon, a pot of hot tea with Madeleine just roasted, the fragrance wrapped around the time, and everything seemed to slow down.
Let us try to make at home for your loves.

cake flour 60g
egg 1
baking powder 2g
Orange peel 1 piece


1. Sift the cake flour and baking powder, melt the butter into liquid peel off the orange peel with a peeler, soak and wash, and cut into thin filaments for preparation.

2. Add fine granulated sugar to the eggs and mix thoroughly.

3. Use a Non-Stick Silicone Spatulas to sift in the mixture of cake flour and baking powder then mix well.

4.Add orange peel and mix well.

5.Pour in the melted butter and mix well. Cover with Reusable Silicone Stretch Lid and refrigerate for about an hour until it is very viscous. Put it into a flower mounting bag and squeeze it into the multi grid Silicone Madeline Cake Mold.

6.Preheat the oven for 180 degrees, the middle layer for 13-15 minutes, and directly reverse the buckle after coming out of the oven to demould.


1.The oven, mold and quantity are different, we need to pay attention to the internal situation of the oven and adjust the baking time. When the middle of Madeleine’s doesn’t continue to expand and the edge is burnt yellow, it can be basically out of the oven.

2.The taste of changing orange peel into lemon peel is also great.

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