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How long can food grade silicone be used?

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Food grade silicone is an umbrella term for a larger category. Simply put, the material has been approved by the US FDA for food. Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, in the production process will not discharge harmful substances.

How long food grade silicone can be used depends on what type of silicone material is used, such as LSR injection silicone, usually used to do maternal and child products, silicone products and so on. According to the choice of performance grade materials, aging resistance is generally three to five years with better performance of the material made of products, the problem is not big, the service life will be longer, can reach more than 10 years. Another food grade silicone is liquid, good liquidity, and LSR injection plastic is AB two-component silicone, the service life of the finished product can reach three to five years.

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