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How to choose a silicone dinner plate to be safe?

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Most babies reach the age of 8 months and can learn to eat on their own. When babies learn to eat on their own, there may be headaches for parents and moms. For example, the baby may accidentally lift or drop the bowl, making it messy and difficult to clean up. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a plate that is not easy to knock over, easy to clean, and allows the baby to eat well!

Silicone Dinner Plate

The silicone dinner plate is soft and resistant to fall, which is a good choice to assist the baby to eat independently. There are also many silicone dinner plates on the market that can be directly adsorbed on the desktop, which are not easy to be moved and picked up by the baby, and the silicone material is not easy to absorb grease, so it is easier to clean it.

When choosing a silicone dinner plate, parents must consider at least two factors

The appearance design of safe tableware for infants and young children should meet the following basic requirements:

1. The accessible edges and tips on tableware for infants and young children should not be dangerously sharp edges and tips;

2. In order to prevent the baby’s fingers from getting trapped, there should be no accessible round holes with a diameter of 5.5-12mm and a depth greater than 10mm on the tableware;

3. Any printed ornaments on the product should not fall off, and no adhesive ornament labels should be used on the body.

02 Silicone Dinner Plate Classifications

There are many types of silicone dinner plates on the market, the common ones are divided format silicone dinner plates, placemat dinner plates integrated silicone dinner plates, silicone suction cup dinner plates, etc.

Different format silicone dinner plate
The dinner plate is divided into multiple small grids, which can separate the supplementary food to facilitate the baby’s meal, and can also allocate the baby’s diet ratio reasonably. However, the bottom of some dinner trays does not have a suction function, and the baby will be more likely to be upset. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing this type of dinner plate, parents and mothers should try to choose a dinner plate with a suction cup at the bottom or a design with other adsorption functions.

Placemat plate integrated silicone plate
One is to prevent food from being spilled on the table, and there is a placemat under the plate, so that the food is accidentally picked out by the baby and will not stain the table; the other is to facilitate cleaning. However, some placemats are not absorbent, and the baby may be upset and overturned; some placemats with a larger area may not match the size of the table top of the baby’s table, and may not fit in. Therefore, it is best for parents to measure the size of the table top of their baby dining chair in advance before purchasing.

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