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When babies eat, they will always inadvertently sprinkle some meals on their clothes and the table. They need to change a suit of clothes after eating a meal. The emergence of Bibs solves this problem for parents. Bibs are known as children’s eating artifact. They are not only an essential tool for infants to learn eating, but also reduce the burden of cleaning up. At present, our common Bibs are divided into silicone bibs, cotton bibs, fiber bibs and mixed material bibs. How do we distinguish and choose?


Distinguish by material
The baby skin is very delicate. The bib will often contact the baby’s head, neck and chin, so the material is very important.

1. Cotton Bib

Including cotton material and gauze material, the texture is very soft, comfortable and breathable to use. But the cotton bib has poor water resistance, is not easy to clean when stained, and is easy to mildew and breed bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned frequently.

2. Silicone Bib

The BPA free washable silicone bib is made of food grade environmental protection raw materials, which is reliable. It is processed and formed by the silicone product manufacturer after more than 200 degrees of high temperature. It is temperature resistant, waterproof and oil-proof. It is very convenient to clean. It can be washed with water and can be used repeatedly. Moreover, the silicone Bib now generally adopts 3D three-dimensional design, and the groove can easily hold the food. This foldable design takes up less space.

3. Polyester Fiber Bib

Polyester fiber is soft, durable and non-sticky. 100% polyester is easy to clean. It is more waterproof than cotton bibs, but slightly worse than silicone bibs.

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