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How to choose the right material for the baby bowl?

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Baby Bowls are a must have at home whether feeding baby food. Parents are confused at various materials of baby bowl when purchasing. Which kind of baby bowl is the best? Which material should be used for newborns?

There are 5 main baby bowl materials on the market, glass, plastic, silicone, ceramic and stainless steel. Parents can choose the material of the baby bowl according to the age of the baby and their actual situation.

1. Glass baby bowl
It does not contain bisphenol A. It has high corrosion resistance and thermal insulation performance. The glass baby bowl has good transparency and wears resistance. It will not become blurred even if it is permanent. However, there are two disadvantages. They are heavy and fragile. It is easiest to break when dropped on the ground. At the same time, it can cause the glass to burst by thermal expansion and cold contraction. It is heavier than the other materials of baby bowl, and it is difficult for babies to hold firmly.

2. Plastic baby bowl
It is divided into PC, PP, PES, PPSU and other categories. PC material has been the most popular material for plastic feeding bowl because of its low price, good heat resistance and light weight. However, since the news that bisphenol A in PC bowl is not good for baby’s health appeared, PC can no longer be used as the material of baby bowl, and replaced by safer baby bowl made of PP, PES, PPSU and other materials. But many people still worry about the safety.

3. Ceramic baby bowl
It is safe and non-toxic. They have a certain thermal insulation effect compared to glass baby bowl. However it is too heavy and easy to break.

4. Stainless steel baby bowl
As a durable material, stainless steel will not be broken or broken due to thermal expansion and contraction. In addition, the stainless steel bowl is easy to clean. Stainless steel, as a common synthetic metal, is also cheap. However, it makes the food cool faster and sometimes makes the food tasted funny. The rudimentary appearance makes the children lose their appetite.

5. Silicone baby bowl
It is made of Liquid Silicone Silicone (LSR), BPA-free, won’t shatter, and have a soft texture that’s popular with parents. It is characterized by good stability, good elasticity at -60-200 ℃, sealed at room temperature of 25 ℃ without moisture. It can be stored for at least 1 year without deterioration in case of high temperature. In addition, the Silicone Baby Bowl Toddlers Feeding Set Suction Baby Bowl has good chemical resistance, acid, alkali and various chemicals, even if any disinfection method is used. It is not easy to deform, and does not contain any harmful substances such as environmental hormones.

In conclusion, Glass baby bowl are mainly suitable for elder children.
Plastic bowl start to come in handy when your baby gets older and wants to hold the bowl on his own. In addition to glass bowl, silicone bowl are the best for all ages of babies and children. However, silicone baby bowl is slightly more expensive, but they last longer than glass and will not shatter.

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