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How to correct your baby’s bad eating habits?

2021-06-05 Page view : 69 views

The baby does not eat properly and does not move skillfully keep knocking over plates and throwing food everywhere.”

Children’s Silicone Anti-drop plate
Cannot turn over, bite cannot break, more safe

Worried about baby eating mixed foods?

Separate design, more scientific
With it, the problem is solved!
Designers designed carefully to divide plate
What does baby want to eat?
3 department plate, meat and vegetable matching
Meet the needs of baby growth
Balance nutrition and no taste.

You can’t knock it over or take it away
Super adsorption power

Baby can’t knock it over, can’t take it away
Strong suction
Prevent baby fall down and mix food
The bottom is designed to prevent air from entering
Fit on a smooth surface and can adsorbed instantly
Avoid naughty babies knocking over dinner plates.

Silicone is safer

This is a cutlery that can accompany your baby to grow up
Soft silicone and fall resistance
In addition, no dirty corner is easy to clean
Use food grade silicone material
Safer than you think
Not easy to grow bacteria
Heat proof, fall proof, healthier, more durable

Certificate and Delivery

We are a gold supplier of silicone products.
It can provide many certifications, such as FDA, LFGB, CE, ROHS, EN71
If you need it to support your business, please contact us for free.

Profession and Guarantee Shipping Service

We also have kinds of shipping way, such as sea, air and train.
If you need ship to Amazon warehouse, we can work for DDP way.
Our customer also gives us feedback “Safe and Fast”.

Welcome to visit our Legenday silicone family!

We have the ability to supply globally
Korea inspection-free products
Cooperative suppliers of multiple brands

Good reputation from customer

Our products enjoy a good reputation among customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, France, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and other countries/regions.
We cooperate with this famous brand, such as Bablov, IKV, KUB, Hello kitty etc., and hope to find a way to cooperate with you!