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How to Thaw Frozen Baby Food and Baby Food Basics?

2022-05-24 Page view : 70 views

Complementary food is the additional nutrient rich food and drink that is recommended for children from six months. How to store it, which tools to use, what to do with leftovers, ingredient substitutions?

Today I would love to share with you the three ways, all safe and tested tons of times. They only differ in the amount of time you will need to take the baby food back to room temperature. Food grade microwave safe Food Container Silicone Folding Bento Lunch Box.

1. REFRIGERATOR – 10/12 hours
Place the frozen baby food from the freezer in the refrigerator and let it slowly thaw in 10/12 hours. The best way to do it is moving the frozen container in the refrigerator in the evening, so that the baby food will be ready to use the following morning. The baby food should stay in the refrigerator in a FOOD GRADE container with a lid.

2. IMMERSION IN HOT WATER – 10/20 minutes
Fill a bowl with hot water. Place the baby food in a container with a lid and than in a bag. Let the bag float in the water. The heat of the water will gradually thaw the baby food. Pending the amount of baby food in the bag, it will be defrosted in 10/20 minutes.

3. MICROWAVE – 2 minutes max
When your baby is hungry and you forgot to thaw the baby food, that’s when the microwave can help you! Using either a glass or a silicone container to place the baby food in the microwave for 20 seconds. Open, stir, and place it back for another 20 seconds. Keep doing it up until the baby food will be thawed.

Just few suggestions about the microwave:
Please pay attention to the material of the container, lid and bag. I highly recommend 100% ECO friendly food grade silicone products.100% Food Grade 3 Pieces Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag Set.

• non-toxic and tasteless, high transparency.
• stable chemical properties, soft and elastic, not easy to deformation.
• long service life, no cracking, good sealing.
• high and low temperature resistance range of -50°C~ + 250°C to use in refrigerators, microwave and ovens.

• Remember to stir very well the baby food before serving it to your baby to avoid hot spots.

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