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Is it poisonous to boil the tableware made of silicone?

2022-02-15 Page view : 58 views

Mentioned silicone, a lot of people are not unfamiliar, this is a kind of enzyme chemical adsorption, does not dissolve in water, has no smell, in daily life, silicone products very much, baby’s silicone bottle, silicone pacifier, silicone bowl, silicone spoon, etc., but there are some people who do not understand the silicone, fear can produce toxin harm to body health. So can silicone tableware produce toxic substances at high temperature is it toxic to boil with water, and how will silicone tableware be heated?

The physical properties of silicone are very stable, both high temperature and low temperature resistance, even if heated in the microwave oven, it will not produce toxic substances or deformation. Silicone is also widely used in medicine. Children’s teethers and pacifiers are also made of silicone, and are food grade edible silicone, which is not only resistant to falling, but also very easy to clean.

Silicone product itself is the raw materials of environmental protection, under high temperature does not produce toxins, but on the market there are some vulcanized rubber counterfeits or added and inferior organic chemical raw materials of silicone products, so when they purchase silicone products, be sure to choose experience much, relevant certificates of the factory, don’t buy cheap, peculiar smell heavy silicone tableware. In general, silicone tableware can be resistant to high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances released by high temperature heat, damage to health. Unless the manufacturer adds chemicals that do not meet the requirements, the goods have hidden dangers, so the purchase of silicone products should choose reliable manufacturers. For more knowledge about silicone, please note legenday, we are waiting for you online!

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