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Manufacturers teach you to choose silicone tableware – very practical!

2022-02-08 Page view : 72 views

In our daily life, silica gel tableware is a kind of silica gel products that we are more familiar with. Today, most people are using silicone cutlery, and there are more of them on the market. However, due to the rapid development of the silica gel tableware market, the quality of silica gel tableware on the market has led to problems. Not all silicone cutlery is good. So, how should we buy silicone cutlery? Now let us tell you!

1. Direct observation. For example, good Silicone rice spoon surface color is pure, smooth surface without stains. If it is inferior, the surface is generally rough, there will be a pungent smell;
2. Direct touch. If it is a high quality Silicone tableware, feel more comfortable and delicate, soft and elastic excellent, even if arbitrary rubbing, rotation will not be deformed; Silicone cutlery.
3. There are high and low prices. Generally speaking, quality products are more expensive.
4. Check relevant certificates. Silica gel products in direct contact with food, such as silica gel tableware, must undergo quality testing and pass food grade standards, such as FDA testing in M country and CNAS testing in China.
5. Direct to the strength of the manufacturer. The easiest way is to buy directly from a reputable manufacturer. If you look for regular manufacturers with strength to buy, there is basically no problem.

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