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Mom’s Little Helper “Silicone Bib” Can’t Put It Down!

2022-02-22 Page view : 65 views

The silicone bib is a must have item for every family. After using it, you will find that your baby is very clean every day. It’s so fun to take care of a baby! Silicone bib, also known as mouth bag, rice bag, it is often used when the baby eats, mainly used to prevent children from leaking food and dirty clothes when eating, but also to prevent children from getting wet clothes by saliva. The earliest bibs were made of fabric. The fabric was later waterproof, but the bib was difficult to clean and prone to mold and bacteria. As the so-called survival of the fittest, the silicone bib began to enter the field of vision, and the silicone bib is easy to clean, safe, non-toxic, antibacterial and other advantages, so it is quickly favored and loved by mothers.

Legenday has developed new silicone products for gifts, baby products, kitchenware and daily necessities. Among them, the silicone bib is essential for every home. You can also find us to customize the style you want, quality and delivery time are strictly controlled, you can rest assured to us.

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