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The nasal cavity of infants is short and the nasal meatus is narrow. When the weather is cold, the nasal mucosa circulation accelerates, causing congestion and swelling. Originally, it was to increase the temperature of the air entering the lungs, but on the other hand, it also caused the narrow nasal. In addition, the secretions of small infants are easy to accumulate and form nasal excrement. Parents often hear the sound of wheezing. In serious cases, infants who have not learned to breathe through their mouths while crying, which will also affect the feeding.

It not only affects the baby’s feeding. For older babies, after they catch a cold and have runny nose after the change of season, their nasal secretions are much more. If the nasal mucus in the nose is not treated in time, the dust and solid particles in the air will be inhaled. It is easy to form nasal mucus. The nasal mucus will become larger and larger over time, which will block the baby’s nasal cavity. Babies will not only have poor breathing, but also may cause diseases if the nasal cavity is stimulated by secretions for a long time.
Silicone Reusable Cleanable baby nasal aspirator adultnasal aspirator
In order to make the baby’s nose clean and breath smoothly, it is necessary to clean the baby’s nasal mucus and secretions in time. The nasal aspirator is very convenient for parents to clean the baby’s nose.

What is a nasal aspirator? Due to the small nasal space of 0-2-year-old babies and their inability to eject their nasal mucus, nasal aspirator is a tool for parents to clean up their nasal mucus with the help of external forces, and it is also an effective way considered by many doctors and parents.

There are many kinds of nasal aspirators, including manual nasal aspirators and electric nasal aspirators.

The manual nasal aspirator is generally driven manually, which is relatively simple to operate, nice price and easy to carry out. Parents can use a small air pump with one hand to provide suction without noise. High quality food grade silicone hose, caring for nasal mucosa. Silicone baffle design, one-way scheduling to avoid backflow. Silicone material is 240 ° high temperature resistant and can be boiled and steam sterilized. It has few parts and is easy to disassemble and clean.

The hose of electric nasal aspirator is also made from silicone and has different gear adjustment. The kit can be disassembled and washed. Compared with the manual nasal aspirator, there is slight noise during use. Remember to charge the power in advance or carry the power supply when taking out.

How to use nasal aspirator
(1) manual nasal aspirator: first hold the soft skin bag connecting the hose, discharge the air from it, and maintain the state. The other hand needs to fix the baby’s head to avoid injury caused by the baby’s random movement. Now put the hose of the nasal aspirator into the baby’s nose. Slowly loosen the hand holding the soft skin bag to suck out the secretions in the baby’s nasal cavity. Repeat this action until the baby’s nasal cavity is cleaned.
(2) electric nasal aspirator: it is necessary to ensure that the baby’s mouth is always open during use, so as to make the air in the nose unobstructed. If the air is not circulating, it will not produce the corresponding atmospheric pressure when using, which will weaken the suction of the nasal aspirator and even make it difficult to suck out the secretion in the nose. Be sure to fix the baby’s head to prevent the baby from moving around.

Precautions for nasal aspirator
1. If the baby’s nose is festering, bruised, bleeding and other symptoms, stop using any kind of nasal aspirator and go to the hospital as soon as possible.
2. The nasal aspirator shall be cleaned and disinfect before and after using.
3. Disinfection methods include: boiling in water, microwave oven and disinfector.

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