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Fruits can provide rich vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Breast Milk is the main source of nutrition for infants within 1 year old, and priority should be given to ensuring the amount of milk. On this basis, 6-12 months of age is a period of high incidence of iron deficiency anemia, and priority should be given to ensuring iron rich food materials. Infants over 6 months can start eating small amounts of fruit.

Fruits of various colors not only have many kinds and rich nutrition, but also promote the baby’s appetite.

Purple and black fruits: such as grapes, blueberries, blackcurrants, mulberry, prunes, etc. They contain more potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals than ordinary fruits. They also have the functions of enhancing immunity and promoting metabolism.

Red fruits: such as small tomatoes and strawberries, which are rich in lycopene, have antioxidant effect and can improve the baby’s immunity.

Reference table for daily fruit consumption of baby:

6-12 months old 25-100g
13-24 months old 50-150g
2-3 years old 100-200g
4-5 years old 150-250g


With the improvement of baby’s chewing and swallowing ability, the shape and quantity of fruit supplements can be gradually changed. Fruit puree is the best way to retain nutritional value. It can be directly fed to children. It is better to choose seasonal and fresh fruits.

6months fruit puree
7-8months rough fruit puree
8-12small and soft fruit pieces


Some mothers feel tired of making fruit mud, so they might as well squeeze it into juice. That’s a good idea. However, in terms of nutritional value, freshly squeezed fruit juice is not as comprehensive as fresh fruit.

Drinking fruit juice will unwittingly increase the risk of dental caries and obesity. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has given clear recommendations: children under 1 year old are not encouraged to drink fruit juice, and children over 1 year old should also strictly control their intake of fruit juice.


1. Food Grade Silicone Baby 2 End Designs DOUBLE HEAD Training Feeding Spoon Scraping SUS304 Stainless Steel Spoon factory

The round spoon is not suitable for scraping mud. The scraped fruit mud is easy to be large and uneven, and the taste of the scraped fruit mud may be rough, with large particles and difficult to swallow.

There are spoons of different materials at both ends of the double head fruit mud scraper. The stainless steel (sus 304) mud scraper at one end can easily scrape the hard fruit mud. It is very convenient. The stainless steel adopts a 90° fillet design. The precision sawtooth is finely polished, and the scraped fruit mud is very fine. The double head fruit mud scraper can be used to scrape and feed at the same time.

It does not need to use more used tableware. It is more convenient to use at home or out. The thick and thin double-sided steel mud scraping spoon has fine teeth, and the pulp of the scraped fruit mud is more delicate. It can also be used as a spoon at ordinary times, which is more practical. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, durable, easy to scrape fruits and potatoes!

The food grade silicone spoon at the other end is 360 ° clean without dead corners, which is convenient to carry out and supplement vitamins to your baby at any time. Silicone spoon feels soft and won’t hurt baby’s delicate mouth.

Very suitable for around 6 months old. It is convenient to add apples, pitaya and avocado,No need to clean the expensive supplementary food machine or grinding bowl with the scraping spoon.

Babies aged 9-12 months + are in the chewing period. At this stage, babies will have a strong appetite and like to grab food by themselves. It is easy to be dangerous to cut the baby into small pieces of fruit directly. You can try the pacifier fruit feeder.

2. Food Grade Silicone Fruit Pacifier Feeder Fruit Juice Maker manufacture

Babies still need some things to help them grind their teeth in the teething stage, so as to help them get a better teething. pacifier fruit feeder not only helps children grind their teeth, avoiding the occurrence of children biting things indiscriminately, but also makes children fall in love with eating fruit and supplement daily vitamins and nutrition. Pacifier fruit feeder can hold not only fruit, but also vegetables. It can also exercise the baby’s grasping ability when eating by himself.

Pacifier feeders are designed to encourage natural and comfortable chewing, relieve baby’s tooth pain and massage baby’s gums, and introduce solids to your child. Only digestible pieces can pass through this small hole. The unique design reduces the risk of suffocation. Infant hand grips help to improve holding and chewing ability, so that your child can enjoy fresh food.

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