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Novice Tutorial Three Steps to Make a High Calcium Zero Addition Cheese Stick

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Cheese is a kind of dairy product made from concentrated and fermented milk. It basically eliminates a large amount of water in milk and retains the essence with high nutritional value. Each kilogram of cheese products concentrates 10 kilograms of milk protein, calcium, phosphorus and other super brand nutrients required by the human body. The unique fermentation process makes its nutrient absorption rate reach 96% ~ 98%.

Dairy products are the best choice for food calcium supplement. Cheese is the dairy product with the most calcium, which are easy to absorb. In terms of calcium content, 250ml milk = 200ml yogurt = 40g cheese.

Cheese can enhance the body’s ability to resist diseases, promote metabolism, enhance vitality, protect eye health and protect skin fitness. Lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites in cheese have a certain health care effect on human body, which is conducive to maintaining the stability and balance of normal flora in human intestine.

The cheese stick has a strong and delicious flavor. The light milk flavor and fragrant condensed milk flavor are very popular with children.

Unsalted butter 250g
Fine sugar 15g
Cheese slice 3 pieces
Gelatin sheets 10 g


1. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water.

2. Pour the light cream into a container with fast heat conduction, pay attention to the water separation and heating, boil it with a large pot with more water, and then adjust it to a low heat to keep the water bubbling at the bottom, and then put the snow pan with light cream in hot water.

3. Stir the light cream until it is evenly heated, add white granulated sugar and continue to stir. It is recommended to use a silicone shovel to scrape off the light cream stained on the wall of the pot while stirring.

4. Add 3 slices of cheese after the sugar melt well.

5. Stir quickly. While stirring, shovel the cheese slices with silicone shovel to melt quickly.

6. Add the soft gelatin slices after the cheese slices are completely melted.
Pay attention to squeeze the water out of the gelatin slices.

7. Place sticks in the silicone mold, stir it evenly then screen, and then pour it into the mold.

8. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

9. Demould and done.

Sealed in a fresh-keeping box can be refrigerated for a week.


1.If you feel that the whole heating process takes a long time and more water volatilizes, you can add up to 90ml of milk and stir it evenly before coming out of the pot, which can keep the cheese stick elastic and taste better.

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