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Apples contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats, etc., which constitute the necessary nutrients for the brain. The fiber in apples is beneficial to the growth and development of children and can promote growth and development. Zinc in apples is beneficial to children’s memory.

Bananas are high in nutrition, low in calories, rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamin A and C, and rich in dietary fiber. They are very good nutritional food. Banana can alleviate the stimulation of gastric acid and protect gastric mucosa. Bananas are rich in soluble fiber, namely pectin, which can help digestion and regulate gastrointestinal function. Food grade Silicone Baby Feeding Set cartoon Suction Bowl

Pear pulp is rich in fruit pulp, glucose, malic acid and other organic acids, as well as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, as well as carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, ascorbic acid and other vitamins.

Baby food supplement – Apple, banana and pear puree

1 apple
1 pear
1 banana

Peel and cut apples and pears into pieces

Steam for 15 minutes until soft and rotten

Cut the banana into pieces, keep the juice steamed from the bowl and put it into the blender or baby food machine together with the fruit pieces.

Beat into fine fruit puree

Baby likes the sweet taste!

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