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Practical Use of Silicone Straw Cups

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It is recommended that babies can be trained to drink water by themselves with a straw cup from five or six months. A straw cup can be used by babies from 6 months to children under 10 years old. Most babies can drink water from a straw cup at around 6-9 months.

It is recommended to use a straw cup instead of a bottle when drinking water for babies at this stage, which can better train the baby’s drinking habits.

At this time, training your baby to drink water with a straw cup is also very helpful for the baby’s growth and development. The Silicone Drinking Training Straw Cup Toddler Water Cup with Straw not only gives the baby a chance to be independent, but also reduces the baby’s interest in the bottle, helping the baby to transition smoothly from bottle feeding to cup feeding. The straw cup effectively reduces the chance of bottle induced dental caries due to excessive use of feeding bottles.

At the same time, the straw cup can enhance the baby’s hand mouth coordination. When the baby’s physical ability gradually improves, he can hold the cup, but he can’t keep the balance, he can use the straw cup to give the baby a chance to be independent. Many straw cups have the function of preventing water leakage. The straw is a food grade material, which is required to be safe and non-toxic.

Generally, the straws of straw cups have silicone straws and plastic straws. Silicone straws are very soft and are used to make pacifiers. They are safe, while hard plastic straws are less safe.

Therefore, parents who buy straw cups must pay attention to the material of the straws. Parents who have the conditions may wish to buy all silicone straw cups for their children. The cup body and the straw are all made of silicone.

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