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Recommended Complementary Food For Infants Aged 5-12 Months

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As baby grows up, the nutrition provided by milk is not enough. The ingredients and antibodies contained in breast milk are only enough to supply the nutrients needed by the baby before 6 months.
So when breast milk or formula can no longer meet the baby’s nutritional needs, when the baby reaches out for food when adults eat, it means that the baby’s hand and eye coordination ability and mouth muscles are mature and ready to try foods.

General recommendation: avoid providing supplementary food before 4 months (because premature feeding will increase the probability of food allergy), but do not exceed 6 months at the latest.

In addition to providing more nutrients for the baby’s growth, another purpose of supplementary food is to prepare for weaning. The baby’s first bite is often a milestone!
The baby auxiliary food stage is divided into three stages: early stage of 4-6months / middle stage of 7-9months / late stage of 10-12months

Here are some popular recipes as recommend.

[5-6 months] porridge, carrot puree, cabbage puree, spinach puree

[7 months] cooked apple juice, chicken bone soup, mashed potato, cauliflower and pumpkin.

[8 months] chicken bone vegetable soup, vitality vegetable and fruit soup, chicken puree, brown rice porridge

[9 months] amaranth kiss larvae brown rice porridge, celery firewood fish chicken bone soup

[10 months] two types of beef porridge, vegetable and fruit soup, snapper oatmeal porridge

[11 months] stewed rice with fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice and Italian Tomato meat sauce

[12 months] Apple pumpkin cooking, cheese vegetable macaroni

When giving a new supplementary food at the first time, you must start to try it in a small amount and feed it from thin to thick. Observe for 2-5 days to confirm that there are no allergic reactions, such as diarrhea, vomiting and skin rash. Then add a new supplementary food when eating normally. Choose Food Grade Silicone baby Training Feeding products manufacturer, which is BPA free.

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