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As we all know, milk bottles are essential for every new born baby. Some Only non-toxic and harmless bottles can be used for newborn babies during lactation.

Therefore, most young parents are very careful in choosing bottles. It needs to be cleaned every time after using the bottles. It is related to the baby’s health directly.
Is silicone bottle brush easy to use?
1.It is more convenient and hygienic to clean to the thread mouth, bottle bottom and other corner inside the bottle.
2. Silicone bristles will not scratch the inner wall of the bottle, and the bristles will not store water, which can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and no secondary pollution.
3. Frothing special structure design to lock the foam.

How to disinfect silicone milk bottles?
No matter what kind of material of the baby bottle, it must be cleaned and disinfected. Because breast milk and milk powder are rich in nutrition, it is easy to deteriorate if exposed to the air.
Please pay special attention to bottlenecks and pacifiers. You can soak it in hot water for a while and brush it off after the milk stains become soft if there are milk stains condensed on the pacifier.
Keep the milk outlet hole on the pacifier unobstructed and disinfect the pacifier at least once a day.
Silicone brush can be put in boiling water or disinfected in microwave oven, which will not cause deformation. Mainly remember that disinfection once a week is enough.

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