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Silicone is Perfect for Children’s Cutlery

2022-03-15 Page view : 104 views

First, it belongs to non toxic environmental protection material, no harm to human body.
Two, Silicone material is soft, relatively high safety, will not cause damage.
Three, bright color, good appearance, no matter the color or style is their favorite!

1. Silicone tableware is molded by food grade silicone material, non toxic, tasteless, safe and environmental protection.

2. Baby Silicone Suction Plates Easily Easy Clean Baby Feeding Set can be folded, kneaded, flipped, etc., does not take up space, nor will it absorb oil. It has the effect of desiccant itself, so it will not become moldy because of long term storage.

3. The temperature of the silicone tableware and food should be well coordinated. No matter the food is cold or hot, Silicone tableware can protect the temperature of food and reduce the loss of temperature. The food placed in silicone container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and will not transfer the temperature to the user, not easy to hot hands.

4. Compared with ceramics, the biggest characteristic of Silicone tableware is its resistance to falling, and there will be no sound when it falls on the ground. The ceramic tableware commonly used by Chinese people is all good, that is, fragile, and the plastic tableware although it can withstand falling, but the hardness of plastic is large, and there may be cracks and cracks after falling, etc., the Silicone tableware can be casually dropped, without worrying about damage.

5. Good heat resistance. Silicone is very good temperature resistance, cannot be deformed in the high temperature of 240 degrees Celsius, not metamorphic, -40 degrees Celsius will not occur hardening phenomenon, so you can use it to steam, boil, bake, etc.

6. Silicone cutlery is easy to clean. Because silicone is not stained with oil and does not adsorb oil, it is convenient to clean.

7. Lots of colors and shapes. Can be allocated according to the needs of the user out of a lot of colors, can shape a variety of shapes of tableware.

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