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Silicone Replaces Plastic; Make a Contribution to Environmental Protection

2022-05-27 Page view : 73 views

With the provision of our standard of living, our environment is now becoming more and more polluted.

In major cities, high consumption and high pollution materials such as plastic bags and plastic wrap are released into the society by restaurants and tourism. Plastic materials contain a large number of toxic chemicals that are potentially harmful to the body and have a long-term impact on the environment, which can seriously damage the environment If we do not deal with in time.

We have been frequently seen many environmental signs, such as controlling environmental pollution, reproducing beautiful days and blue sky in the streets and alleys of cities.

Why choose silicone products?
The chemical properties of silicone are non-toxic, eco-friendly and harmless to our body, which are vulcanized at high temperature by silica gel manufacturers. No pollution to the environment in the production process. It can continue to be recycled as asphalt raw material. The development of silicone products is gradually entering all industries and life. It can be seen everywhere and has been certified as a Peugeot environmental protection material in many countries. 100% Food Grade 3 Pieces Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag Set.

Let’s do something for environmental protection together, might as well start from the below two products that we use almost every day.

Silicone Sealing Storage Bag

It is made of food grade silicone. The pocket card groove is completely sealed without worry about leakage. It has good skid resistance, good tailoring and easy operation.

• Non-toxic and tasteless, high transparency.
• Stable chemical properties, soft and elastic, not easy to deformation.
• Long service life, no cracking, good sealing.
• High and low temperature resistance range of -50°C~ + 250°C to use in refrigerators, microwave and ovens.

Silicone Stretch Cover

The traditional plastic film is generally not sealed, which cannot achieve the preservation function well. It is also a consumable, unhealthy, not environmentally friendly, easy to damage, not durable, not enough to seal the preservation. The use of silicone stretch cover is both environmentally friendly and durable. Bowl Cover Food Storage 6 Pack Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids

It can be used in cold storage and microwave, high and low temperature resistance, can be refrigerated for preservation. It can be placed on the side or stacked. It also can be boiled in boiling water, high temperature sterilization and microwave oven. It is also suitable for square, rectangular and other shapes of tableware and food. Keep fresh in refrigerator and prevent flavor.

• Strong elastic adsorption capacity.
• Leak proof sealing.
• Fresh cover adsorption capacity.
• Internal anti-slip design.
• No water leakage upside down.
• Strong adsorption.
• Flexible and scalable with no smell.

We can see industrial manufacturing garbage everywhere in the cities. We cannot ignore the pollution of rubber parts in various machinery manufacturing.
Let us begin to pay attention to environmental protection. We can make a force to use less or not use non-environmental protection supplies to protect the earth.

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