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Soothing Training Teether

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A molar partner for a 3-month-old baby, massage the gums to relieve the baby’s gum discomfort.

Deciduous teeth germination
Discomfort in your baby’s gums
The baby is about 6 months old and begins to enter a long teething period
It’s always exciting to have the first baby tooth
Baby in the budding stage, accompanied by some strange behaviors
Baby needs to chew on teether to ease
Food grade silica gel, relieve discomfort, safety and sanitation

Soft and comfortable silicone
Soft and comfortable silica gel, good bite, flexible and not easy to bite, and does not scratch the mouth
Massage the young gum bed without hurting the gums

Flexible Q bomb massage gums
Round and not wound
Abundant massage bumps, 360° easy to relieve the discomfort of eruption teeth

Long neck easy to grasp
Tactile perception is more flexible

The fawn’s slender neck is easy for the baby to grasp and exercises the baby’s grasping ability

100℃ high temperature disinfection
Boiled and sterilized, chewing is more hygienic
It is recommended to cook in boiling water for more than 5 minutes before use to completely kill bacteria

Binaural anti-swallowing design
Stop squeezing too deep into your mouth

Smooth undulating bumps
Massage gums to promote growth

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