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Summer Treasure DIY Passion Fruit Vitamin C Ice Drink

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Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and has a good antioxidant effect. It can help the body reduce the precipitation of toxins. When toxins become less, the skin will naturally become delicate and smooth, which is good for beauty. And the cellulose can also greatly promote digestion.

Honey is a natural food with sweet taste. The monosaccharide contained in honey can be absorbed by the human body without digestion. It has a good health care effect on women, children, especially the elderly people. In addition to glucose and fructose, honey also contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are of great nutritional value.

Cold Passion fruit ice soda water is a summer-friendly kind of healthy drink. It is much recommended to have a cup for refreshing after exercise and relieving greasiness after dinner every day.


Passion fruit 10-15

Soda water 1 bottle (450ml-650ml)

Honey at will


1. Cut the passion fruit and dig out the passion fruit directly with a small spoon and put it into the silicone mold.

2. Cover with lid and refrigerate for at least four hours

3. Take out 2-4 pieces of passion fruit ice then add a bottle of soda and a little honey after dinner every day to refresh and relieve greasiness and help digestion.


• It should be noted that passion fruit will stimulate the gastrointestinal secretion of digestive juice. People with digestive system diseases or poor stomach should eat less to avoid aggravating the disease. Passion fruit is suitable for pregnant women but don’t eat too much at one time.

• Babies within 1 year old should not drink honey. Because honey is easily polluted by microorganisms in the process of brewing, transportation and storage, the intestinal system of infants and young children is not yet fully developed and has low resistance. Bacteria are a great threat to babies within one year of age. Babies within 1 year old are also easy to be allergic to honey.

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