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Super practical food supplement tool

2021-06-26 Page view : 54 views

You may still be bothering your baby to eat complementary food, what useful complementary food tools should be prepared

Here I have to say a kind of silicone material
Food grade environmentally friendly material
Soft Q bomb, durable, safe and odor-free, reject BPA, let baby eat at ease

Thick pure silicone one-piece bib
The advantages of this bib are:

Waterproof, just buy one, no need to replace at all
Easy to clean, it can be very clean by flushing with water
Easy to dry, dry after washing or wiping, no need to dry, no mold
Soft, it won’t be uncomfortable to tie around the neck
Easy to carry, can be folded into a small one, easy to go out
Easy to use: large pockets can catch any food

Complementary food feeding spoon

Maybe everyone doesn’t know what it is by the name. It is a soft silicone bottle with rice paste, and the lid is a spoon. Put the rice cereal and vegetable puree in first, squeeze the bottle body when feeding the food to let the food flow into the spoon and feed it into the baby’s mouth.

Baby silicone food supplement set

A variety of combinations can be randomly matched to meet your various complementary food needs
Baby food supplement stage, one-stop solution, worry-free and easy to use

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