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Super Simple Complementary Food Tutorial

2022-06-06 Page view : 75 views

Pumpkin is a common ingredient in baby supplementary food. It is rich in carotene and vitamin C, A and D, which can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia. It is very suitable for 6-month-old babies and people who are losing weight.


Pumpkin 200g
Milk 100g
Rice flour 10 g


1. Cut pumpkin into small pieces and steam.

2. Mix glutinous rice flour with milk.

3. Pour into the steamed pumpkin and beat well with a homogenizer.

4. Simmer for about 5 minutes over a low heat.


The sweet taste of pumpkin goes done well with infants and children. Let us DIY this healthy, delicious and simple complementary food.

1. Please remember to keep stirring with silicone shovel while boiling. The silicone shovel can easily hang the rice paste at the edge of the pot.
2. If you think there is too little water, you can add some milk or warm water
3.Choose the food grade silicone baby feeding set supplier can help to enjoy the meal better. In addition, food grade silicone kitchen ware is a better helper when cooking.

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