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Sushi DIY Tutorial

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Japanese sushi is a cylindrical rice ball made of seaweed or seaweed rolled rice and sashimi, cucumber, meat floss, egg yolk, crispy skin, peanuts, vegetables, cooked shrimp and other ingredients, supplemented with mustard, soy sauce and vinegar. Sushi is rich in various minerals and fibers. The biggest feature of laver is rich in minerals and calcium, and there are many sweet amino acids such as alanine and glycine.

Eating sushi can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, which is good for promoting appetite and replenishing energy especially when you have a loss of appetite in summer.
Making Sushi is very simple. Novices who can’t cook can easily finish it at home.

Rice balls are always bad in bad shape when making? Do not like the sticky touch of the rice? No problem! All you need is a Silicone ice tray.

Cooked rice with a little salt, sugar and white vinegar.
Sashimi, cucumber, meat floss, laver, seaweed, cooked shrimp, crab seeds and anything food you like.
Soy mustard.

1. Stir the cooked rice with a little salt, sugar, white vinegar and black sesame. Note that the rice should be soft and taste better.

Stir well and note that the rice should be cool.

2. Spread a piece of plastic wrap in the food grade silicone mold ice lattice, poke the plastic wrap into the ice tray and put sushi ingredients on it.

3. Spread the rice evenly, cover it with fresh-keeping film after compaction, and then put it into the refrigerator for 10 minutes.


5. Gently uncover the plastic wrap.

6. Put your favorite sushi sauce on each small sushi.

7. DONE!

If you don’t like raw food, you can prepare cooked ingredients in advance. If you like fruit, you can also try creative sushi or match with all kinds of sauces you like.

Let DIY with your family and have fun.

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