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Teether also exist risk of suffocation and fatality. Which teethers should we avoid?

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After the baby starts to grow teeth, the gums will be itchy, the saliva will increase and the so-called “teeth-growth period” will appear, catch & bite, bite hands, bite toys, bite books.

In order to alleviate the uncomforted during teething and prevent the baby from biting some messy things, many mothers will buy teethers (also called teether sticks) for their babies. ”

“As babies often suck and bite, the choice of teether is not only easy to grasp and clean, the pattern and shape are cute or not, but more importantly is its safety.
There have so many brands teether on the market, how to choose it?

Several key points of safety

1. Structural safety.

The structural safety mainly refers to whether the tips and ends of the teether are too small, which causes the baby throat too deep when sucking and biting, leading to suffocation and regurgitation.

2. Bite resistance.

Bite resistance means that the baby must be able to prevent the gutta from breaking after a long time and multiple bites, so as to avoid the falling part being swallowed by the baby, causing suffocation and other risks.
Or you can replace the teether frequently to prevent the baby from biting and breaking the teether.”

3. Precautions for the use of teether.

● Before use, read the product instructions and warnings carefully, and follow the instructions to clean or disinfect.

● Before and after using each time, use the mild soap water to clean it and rinse with clean water.

● Check the teether carefully. If found any damage or liquid leakage, stop using it and discard it immediately. Parents should be especially careful when using teether for long time, in case of preventing them from biting the teether.

● Do not put liquid-containing teether in the refrigerator to avoid injury the baby’s mouth due to the low temperature of the teether. In addition, too low or too high temperatures may cause the outer layer of the teether to burst.

● Do not use a rope or strap to hang the teether on your baby’s head to avoid accidents.

● When using, parents should take care of the baby.

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